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Why should I use a Ripple Job Agent?

Searching for jobs is a pain. It’s hard to find jobs that are a good fit, and it takes way too much time.

Your Job Agent does the search for you!

We search through millions of job postings and employers to find and deliver a list of jobs that matches your background, skillsets, and career goals. There is no cost to you. All you have to do is sign up!

How it works

How it works

  • Sign-up & meet your agent

    Once you provide us with a short background, we’ll connect you with a live agent who will listen to your wants and needs in your next career move.

  • Receive a personalized job match

    Your agent will handpick a selection of jobs and send you an email or a text message of the list. From there, you can review and apply.

  • Looking to make a bigger change?

    Review our explore page to learn about making a change. Review information on various industries, job lifestyles, and education requirements.

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“Helping people make their next career move is what I am here for, and knowing that I am pairing them with a job that they’re going to truly love is very inspiring.”

Amanda • Job Agent, New York

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